The importance of Mikva is undisputed in Jewish law. The existence of a Mikva is considered so important that a Jewish community is required to construct a Mikva even before building a synagogue, and must go to extreme measures of selling Torah scrolls or even a synagogue if necessary, to provide funding for its construction.

To contact the Mikva or make an appointment for the ladies Mikva call:
Mrs Clairette Aurbach 03 281 24 74

Ladies Mikva: Provinciestraat 308

Men Mikva: Provinciestraat 310

Keilim Mikva: Enter through the garage: Provinciestraat 308



Since the human body is the receptacle in which the Almighty places the soul, the body becomes sanctified through the combination. This sanctity remains even after the soul departs from the body. Therefore, care and respect must be accorded the dead as they are prepared and escorted to their final abode on earth.

Throughout the ages, Jewish communities have established burial societies whose main function was the care of the deceased from the time of death until interment. Their primary concern is the ritual washing and dressing in shrouds known as Tahara, which is the time-honoured ritual of preparing the deceased in accordance with Jewish tradition.

Our Chevra Kadisha ia a voluntary organization of men and women who perform this service reverence and dignity, maintaining the highest standards of Jewish customs and laws.

If you are in need of the Chevra Kedisha,
please contact:
Mr. Shloimi Berger 03 232 01 87 - 0477 92 32 02

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Organization of Orthodox rabbis serving the entire Jewish community, providing needed and required religious advice or services. Responsible for the Beth Din, the Orthodox Rabbinical Court and Orthodox conversions.

For more information call:+ 32 3 232.01.87



Our Hall is available for parties and events.

For more information please call: + 32 3 232.01.87


Shechita is the only method of producing kosher meat and poultry allowed by Jewish law. This is performed with a surgically sharp instrument (a chalaf), which must be perfectly smooth without the minutest notch or irregularity. The shochet constantly examines the instrument to ensure this standard is maintained. The frontal structures at the neck of the animal - including the trachea, esophagus, the carotid arteries and jugular veins - are severed in a rapid and uninterrupted action causing an instant drop in blood pressure in the brain.

This results in the immediate and irreversible cessation of consciousness and sensibility to pain. Proponents of stunning seek to achieve the state of unconsciousness by additional intervention, but shechita humanely incorporates this loss of consciousness as an integral part of the procedure, which renders the animal insensible to pain, and brings exsanguination with a rapid action.